Typical Traits of Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Design

Asscher cut engagement rings sound unfamiliar for some people particularly those who don’t often talk about ring as fashion jewelry. First of all, we just want to say that everybody must know about several cut styles of diamond or ornament stone of ring. Some diamond cut styles which are quite popular among the society involve round, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, tear drop, pillow and square cut style. Well, commonly, many people call the asscher cut style as square diamond cut style.

Asscher Engagement Rings on Hand

However, both diamond cut styles are certainly similar to each other. The basic characteristic of the asscher cut engagement rings is its square cut style. In fact, both asscher and square diamond cut style have different typical trait. It is because the asscher cut style has uncompleted square shape on each of corner. We can see some photos of the asscher diamond cut style at this post.

Asscher Engagement Rings Tiffany

As like what we can see on the first photo, a unit of ring with double band concept is embellished with a cool diamond in asscher cut style. The asscher cut diamond looks like a square cut diamond at the first sight. Yet, finally, everyone can find the difference by looking at the corner part of the diamond. There is no sharp part found on the corner part of the asscher cut diamond. That’s what we mean as basic typical trait of the asscher cut diamond style.

Asscher Engagement Rings Vintage

As like the square cut diamond ring for engagement, the elegant asscher cut engagement rings are available in numerous design concepts. Halo detail seems quite famous among the society right now. That’s why some designers of ring love to incorporate this popular ring detail as additional embellishment besides the asscher cut diamond. And when the Halo detail is not applied over the asscher diamond ring, some diamond grains are commonly studded along the round band as alternative ornament.

Asscher Engagement Rings with Halo


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