Ultra Simple Classic Engagement Rings Selection

What do you think when you heard the word of classic? Classic means old fashioned. It is also known as a style which is commonly popular in certain time in the past. In this case, we are talking about ring for engagement. The classic ring must be a perfect choice to beautify your appearance during the special moment. Well, the classic ring doesn’t have to extravagant with its Victorian era style. Even the classic engagement rings can be ultra simple than you can expect.

Classic Engagement Rings for Women

Well, for better inspiration regarding to the ultra simple classic engagement rings, here these are several pictures of the engagement band. Have you ever heard about emerald cut diamond style? Yes, the emerald cut style is one of many classic diamond styles for engagement and wedding rings. Based on the first picture of classic engagement band, the emerald cut diamond is attached as main ornament stone. This classic ring is very uncommon with the round band setting.

Classic Engagement Rings Gold

Pave style is attached along the thin round band setting. And four prongs are embellished on each corner of the emerald diamond as protection. This ring is really simple, isn’t it? Try to find the better one. Let’s look at the second picture. It is a yellow gold ring with Asscher diamond cut as main ornament. This ring is truly modest with super thin yellow gold band. Four yellow gold prongs are attached for protecting the diamond.

Classic Engagement Rings on Hand

The next diamond ring picture displays an elegant Rose cut diamond set as ornament stone. This ring is made of white gold with sleek glossy accent shown on the round band surface. There are six prongs made of similar material which are attached surrounding the Rose cut diamond. The diamond ring is simple without any engraved detail along the band. The next glorious classic engagement rings are displayed by the fourth picture.

Classic Engagement Rings Styles


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