Unique Diamond Engagement Rings with Intricate Stone Shape

Too many engagement rings spread over the world with common design concept. It is actually simple to find the best ring design for you. Unfortunately, it must be similar with other people’s rings. No wonder that several people prefer to create their own ring for engagement or bridal. Well, unique diamond engagement rings seem perfect to pick as inspiration. Why is it called as unique engagement band? It is because the diamond comes as an intricate shaped ornament stone here.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Design

Let’s take a look on several photos of the unique diamond engagement rings attached with this article. The first ring is made of titanium. With thin round band and cool Pave setting covering almost the entire parts of the band, cross frame is installed to wrap an intricate shaped yellow diamond. At the first sight, this titanium Pave ring looks weird. Yeah, it is because the yellow colored diamond completely appears in complicated design unlike other ring for engagement rings.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

This unique diamond ring concept is also applied on the yellow gold ring with extra thinner round band as basic setting. This time, the yellow colored diamond is replaced with bronze colored gemstone. With original rough detail and shape, this unique diamond engagement band extremely looks incredible to wear. However, this ring must have bigger gemstone to show off than the usual engagement ring with big ornament stone.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Style

Hey, in fact, the unique diamond engagement rings are also perfect to design in three-stone concept. Look at the fourth picture for the inspiration. Based on the fourth picture attached here, a sterling silver ring comes with elegant intricate shaped aquamarine and sparkling crystal or diamond. This antique styled ring looks extraordinary with the third intricate gemstones as embellishment. Those gemstones are tightly studded as embellishment because of strong prongs wrapping them properly.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings UK


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