Unique Engagement Rings Embellished with Imposing Details

It seems that today is the best time to propose your girlfriend, dude! Many things can be done to make your girlfriend melting with your proposing way. And of course the melting moment of proposal will not be able to be separated from unique engagement rings collection. Well, a rig is an essential item to propose your girlfriend. Lately, numerous ring models for engagement moment are available around the world. Yet, those rings must be too usual since those rings may have similar design from each other.

Unique Engagement Rings for Women

That’s why we are here to show you the fact that there are so many unique engagement rings we can find. This unique ring is certainly not similar with usual rings for engagement or even wedding. This time, the engagement ring appears with uncommon embellishment. As like what we can see in the second and third pictures, there are a couple of rings which are purposely designed uniquely. Each band has irregular shape.

Unique Engagement Rings on Hand

Based on the second engagement ring, double curling bands are arranged to wrap your girlfriend’s finger beautifully. Basically, this ring is made of titanium with unique gray details on the top. Well, yeah, there are a couple gray colored flowers attached on both sides of a round cut diamond. And some diamond grains are studded along a single band as additional ornament.

Unique Engagement Rings Pinterest

The third unique engagement rings model is usually called as Rose gold ring. It is because this ring integrates yellow gold to cover the whole ring band design. With beautiful engraved details along the thin band, this engagement ring looks unusual on your girlfriend’s finger. Finally, this Rose gold ring involves a round shaped diamond and grains as embellishment. Hey, in fact, a couple bronze colored flowers are also studded on both sides of the diamond stone as alternative ornament.

Unique Engagement Rings Rose Gold


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