Unique Two Tone Engagement Rings Concept

Speaking of ring collection for engagement always brings us to numerous options of ring model lately. Yeah, it is extremely true that many ring designers create the rings for engagement in various concepts including two tone engagement rings. When you heard this two tone ring concept, everyone must think about two different tone or color application on the ring. It may involve the color of material or stone.

Two Tone Engagement Rings Antique

In this case, the two tone engagement rings incorporate two different schemes of the material. At this rate, the material comes in gold, yellow and white gold. This two tone ring is certainly unique with dramatic combination of yellow and white schemes. For clearer description, we attach some pictures of those ring selections at this post. Let’s see the first two tone engagement band model at picture.

Two Tone Engagement Rings Diamond Settings

It is an elegant three-stone engagement ring with nice color collaboration of yellow and white gold. Little accent of twisting is attached to beautify the engagement band. The yellow gold is studded as simple line to wrap the white gold ring. And as ornament stone, three-stone diamond grains in round cut style is attached diagonally between the yellow gold lines. The second ring model shown by the next picture is brighter with sparkling yellow gold among the white gold.

Two Tone Engagement Rings Rose Gold

At the first sight, this two tone engagement rings concept is quite intricate since the pattern is unclear. A round cut diamond is attached on the embellishment part with elegant yellow gold frame surrounding it. Along the ring setting, the white and yellow gold is mixed randomly with complicated engraved detail as embellishment. It seems that the twisted ring still becomes the favorite engagement ring among the society. With unique spiral lining of the yellow and white gold, the ring for engagement looks gorgeous particularly when it is added with a big diamond.

Two Tone Engagement Rings White and Rose Gold


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