Uplifting Estate Engagement Rings with Art Deco

Have you ever heard about estate ring? When you are searching the meaning of estate ring, vintage and antique words would be often mentioned to describe this estate band. Well, let’s associate this estate ring with vintage and antique style rings. Generally, the estate engagement rings are not different from vintage or antique engagement rings. Those ring models ideally involve a big precious stone as the embellishment. Now, it comes with art deco to keep it classic and luxurious as antique ring style.

Estate Engagement Rings Art Deco

To enrich your knowledge about variety of rings for engagement and wedding in this blog, we are purposely displaying some pictures of the estate engagement rings as a new ring model collection at this post. We can pay attention on several ring pictures uploaded at this post for clearer description. There, in the first photo, a couple ring set is displayed. This couple ring set is actually can be worn on your finger as a unit or for two different wearers’ finger.

Estate Engagement Rings Etsy

This estate ring looks expensive with that sapphire and diamond collaboration. In addition, the ring is purposely designed with luxurious art deco detail engraved between the stone ornaments. The next picture shows us a gorgeous white gold ring with a big rose cut diamond as main ornament stone. This ring has very thin round band with bigger embellishment detail installed on the top of ring.

Estate Engagement Rings for Sale

Based on the second picture, we can see the intricate engraved detail of art deco over the ring embellishment area. The estate engagement rings with art deco are available with classic detail of Halo. In this case, some diamond grains in super tiny size are involved to cover the Halo style surrounding the round cut diamond ornament. Three-stone concept is also involved to beautify this vintage style ring as well.

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