Vintage 3 Carat Engagement Ring Model Idea

Nowadays, numerous modern rings for engagement are spreading around the world. This kind of ring is typically identical with simple round band; solitaire cut gemstone and less of engraved detail. However, with those simple design aspects, the modern ring is not always cheap. The price rate of the modern engagement ring is just standard according to the design. This fact looks contrast with older version of the ring for engagement. Vintage 3 carat engagement ring is the simplest sample to know.

3 Carat Engagement Ring on Finger

The vintage 3 carat engagement ring comes as an old fashioned ring to consider. It is an antique ring which still incorporates big embellishment concept with huge and intricate detail engraved on the metallic ring setting. Unlike the contemporary one, the vintage 3 carat ring prefers to install an extra big gemstone as embellishment instead of grains. Prong setting sounds more popular than Halo, Pave, Channel or even Bezel setting.

3 Carat Engagement Ring on Hand

That old fashioned ring setting perhaps becomes something which makes this ring expensive. Actually, there are numerous model samples of the vintage engagement ring found in internet. Fortunately, for briefer and simpler description, we only attached four pictures of 3 carat ring for engagement models as inspiration. Generally, based on pictures, the typical trait of the vintage engagement ring is easy to recognize.

3 Carat Engagement Ring Price

Thicker metallic round band is one of many vintage aspects which are found on the vintage 3 carat engagement ring. The solitaire cut gemstone is the next aspect. It is where there is only a big stone studded as main ornament of the ring. Diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby may be popular selected as vintage ring embellishment. Besides thicker band and bigger ornament, more complicated frames installed on embellishment of ring become the next usual aspect found on the ring. Now, have you been able to recognize the vintage 3 carat engagement band from modern ring collection?

3 Carat Engagement Ring Settings


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