Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings with Intricate Engraving

What do you think firstly about vintage style? Well, this style is identical with old fashioned, antique and ancient thing. Now, we are going to talk about engagement ring design. And as the result, vintage diamond engagement rings would be a nice choice to borrow the elegance of Victorian Era style into this modern era. Well, as everyone must know, the vintage styled ring is typically designed gorgeously with engraved details.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings for Sale

And several samples of the vintage diamond engagement rings are available at this post. The first engagement ring comes with cool round cut diamond style. This round diamond is attached on a kind of frame which is purposely made in square shape. Can you see that uniqueness? Well, the combination of the round diamond and the square ring embellishment frame is truly unique since everybody would think the diamond is square.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

The first diamond ring sample doesn’t only integrate that round and square shape composition. In fact, this vintage diamond ring comes with art deco detail engraved elegantly on the ring embellishment setting. There, dozens of diamond grains in tiny size are attached as ornament stone. Hey, there is also more extravagant ring for engagement with diamond. This ring is very incredible with thicker embellishment setting than the previous ring sample.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Gorgeous engraved detail looks intricate with smaller diamond grains attached as additional ornament stone. There is also beautiful flower pattern engraved on the metallic band as ornament. No wonder that this engraved engagement ring is expensive. Cool vintage diamond engagement rings are seen the third and fourth pictures here. We can see that usual Halo ring style is replaced with gorgeous metallic detail carved along the diamond edge. Yeah, it must be complicated to see and even adore. No wonder that the ring looks more precious than the others.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings White Gold


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