Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings for Modern Band Selections

Everyone must have different concept of a vintage ring design in their mind. Following the era development from time to time, you must know that vintage or antique ring would look so classic and old fashioned. It must involve intricate detail covering the band with a very big stone studded as an ornament stone. Yes, it is truly classy nowadays. Yet, following the latest trend, vintage inspired engagement rings come among us with modern band concept. Thus, everyone doesn’t have to very shy to wear this vintage styled ring since it appears with more modern design lately.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings Australia

The vintage inspired engagement rings are definitely beautiful since it combines the luxury of antique style and the minimalist of modern style. And as the result, some samples of this vintage modern engagement ring are displayed at this post as inspiration. Who loves ruby? Here, we have a vintage modern modified engagement ring that involves sexy red ruby as ornament stone concept. The red ruby is cut perfectly in oval cut style. It is studded on the middle with a couple of tiny round cut diamond grains on both sides.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings Canada

Dozens of tinier diamond grains are also attached as additional embellishment along the titanium round band in pave setting. As a more modern vintage engagement ring, thinner round metallic band is always incorporated to reduce the antique trait of the old fashioned ring concept. Combined with the modernism of infinity knot detail, the next ring sample shown at the second picture is more interesting. Furthermore, the infinity frames around the band are not just frames. Eye shaped diamond is installed inside the frame with flat surface to fit the beauty of Asscher cut diamond as main ornament of the ring.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings for Sale

Well, there are still many vintage inspired engagement rings displayed at some pictures here. Each ring has different design concept which makes every lady melting. Generally, it depends on your desire to pick it as your meaningful love symbol on engagement moment.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings UK


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