Vintage Style Engagement Rings with Classic Round Cut Diamond

We have discussed about vintage engagement rings in the previous article at this post. It seems that the vintage style engagement rings are always famous from time to time no matter what the design. Ideally, the antique or vintage engagement or wedding ring is identical with a big stone studded as ornament. The big ornament stone also appears in various models and designs to enhance the appearance of the ring itself. Now, we are going to show you some vintage engagement rings which are purposely designed with round cut diamond as its main ornament stone.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings for Women

It would be easy to know some kinds of diamond cut style first. Diamond is truly known as a popular precious stone for jewelry. It is sparkling in white or other color options. The diamond is mostly utilized as ornament stone over the ring. And to make the vintage style engagement rings gorgeous with the diamond, this precious stone is purposely formed in unique and stylish cut style. There are numerous ideas of diamond cut concept such as round, square, pillow, marquise, tear drop, pear, asscher, princess and rose.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Gold

The round cut diamond style seems classic to emphasize the sense of historical on the vintage engagement ring. However, the round diamond cut style is very simple. It comes in perfect circular shape with mounted accent on the top. Generally, the vintage ring comes with Halo to frame this round cut diamond as embellishment complement.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Jared

Sometimes, uncommon or innovative design of round diamond is attractive to know. As like what we can see in the second picture, the vintage style engagement rings appears with a super tiny stone studded on the center of art deco detail engraved in round cut style. Three-stone concept of embellishment seems elegant to cover this vintage ring style for engagement. However, the round cut diamond also requires another touch of precious stone on both sides of it.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Rose Gold


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