Zales Engagement Rings Collection in Double Band Concept

Everyone who has read some articles at this post must have ever heard about Zales ring. Yeah, Zales is a kind of famous jewelry store where we can find almost any jewelry kind in friendly price. Well, basically, Zales offer numerous designs of ring for engagement and wedding. Zales engagement rings collection lately appears with new design concept. Most people call it double band concept. It is a set of wedding or engagement ring which purposely consists of two bands.

Zales Engagement Rings in Store

The Zales engagement rings collection designed in double band concept seems uncommon among society. It is because the price rate must be higher than standard single ring for engagement. Nonetheless, every woman who wears this Zales ring always has unique experience particularly on her fashion style and appearance. Well, yeah, we can say that this wrapped ring is very glorious with double bands. Hey, the double band concept comes in different setting actually. For some engagement rings with double bands, each band can be separated from another.

Zales Engagement Rings on Sale

It means that we can wear only one of the double bands. Or we can also wear both bands at the same time elegantly. Unfortunately, several models of the Zales ring with double band are designed as a unit. In other words, a couple of round bands are always connected to each other. Therefore, we will always wear it together on finger.

Zales Engagement Rings Sets

Here there are several photos of the Zales engagement rings. Those wrapped rings are very eye catching and extravagant for every lady in the world. Most of which have luxurious embellishment like diamond. And it is always cut in fabulous shape and setting to beautify the ring. Even there is a ring that has connected embellishment setting on both round bands. When one round band is separated from another, the embellishment shape concept is invisible.

Zales Engagement Rings Vera Wang


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