Cool Design of Promise Rings for Girlfriend with Heart and Love

Having a girlfriend in your young life seems something pleasant to memorize in the future. Now, we should live our current life. That’s why giving promise rings for girlfriend is common among the teenagers. Well, we know that you love your girlfriend so much. At this rate, we suggest you to express your feeling through a promise ring with heart and love detail. We sure your girlfriend will respect and love you as deep as your love.

Promise Rings for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Here these are several designs of promise rings for girlfriend with heart and love. The first inspiration is the simplest one. It is a promise ring for girl with smooth and plain design. The ring is thin with stainless steel as the basic material. The most unique detail is engraved over the ring band. The detail says “LOVE” with a diamond grain replacing the “O”. Although the ring concept is extremely simple, this promise ring is very meaningful particularly for your lovely girlfriend.

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Heart shape is always identical with love and affection. No wonder that ideally this heart shape is installed as romantic promise ring ornament. The shape of heart is perfectly similar from time to time. Yet, the heart shape always experiences innovative and inspirational development on the design. We can see the heart design plan on some pictures here. The second picture shows us a simple diamond promise ring with a couple connected hearts studded as ring ornament. Each heart shape consists of one small diamond grain.

Promise Rings for Girlfriend Gold

The next picture shows a luxurious gold promise ring with a single heart shape on the top. This heart shape is exclusive with a group of diamond grains arranged in hexagonal shape. Another sample of promise rings for girlfriend with heart also involves a single heart shape as the ornament. This heart shape is luxurious with some tiny black and white embellishments. Based on those third heart promise ring samples, we can know that a special ring doesn’t have to be very beautiful with full or detail dominating the design. A simple ring with only a single touch of heart shape as ornament is extremely enough to keep this meaningful ring eye catching.

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