Creative Details of Promise Rings for Couples in Romantic Idea

Hello, young ladies and gentlemen! Have you bought promise rigs for couples? Hey, don’t say that. A promise ring is important for you lately especially those romantic couples. It is true that the promise ring is not as expensive as wedding ring. Yet, the promise ring may be as meaningful as the wedding band. Gentlemen, if you love your girlfriend, giving her a promise ring will make her happy. Nowadays, the ring price is not significant since it is meaningful for both of you. What we are going to find is creative concept of the promise ring so that everybody will never feel bored when wearing it.

Promise Rings for Couples Matching

Lately, application of ornament stone on the top of the ring is too common among the society. In addition, there are so many people who wear similar rings. That fact actually can reduce the imperative point of the promise ring. Some people must want to wear a promise rings for couples which purposely designed differently from the others indeed. That’s why engraving concept becomes a creative detail idea to create a romantic promise ring for lovers.

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There are several samples of romantic promise ring displayed by the pictures. The first picture shows us a couple of rings for man and woman. Both rings are designed similarly to each other with stainless steel as its main material. Black ring is for man, whereas gold colored ring is for woman. There is unique detail engraved over the external side of the ring. It is actually just a couple of words namely: “forever” and “love”. With a tiny diamond grain studded between those words, both rings look very romantic as well.

Promise Rings for Couples Engraved

Another engraving detail alternative for stainless steel promise rings for couples is simpler. In modest ring design, every ring for man and woman involves different engraving detail on the external side of the ring. The word “his” refers to the ring of man, whereas the word “hers” refers to the ring of woman. The next picture shows us that we are allowed to engrave our nickname onto the band. It is a sample of personalized promise ring for lovers.

Promise Rings for Couples Set


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