Famous Zales Promise Rings Collection with Embellishment

Zales is one of outstanding jewelry store that is operated online in internet. Zales itself provides various models of jewelry to complete anyone’s fashion style. Yes, the Zales jewelry collection also involves promise rings. Zales promise rings are not expensive. In other word, this meaningful ring is affordable particularly for young customers. Well, however, the promise rings lately are very popular among the society. Hey, don’t even think that cheap thing would have an ugly design.

Zales Promise Rings Couples

Zales promise rings are very eye catching in design. We may see several stylish design ideas of the promise ring by Zales here. And all of which are intentionally designed with stunning embellishment as beautiful as engagement or wedding band. Do you believe in that? Let’s take a look then. Blue synthetic diamond seems very eye catching set as promise ring ornament stone. This small blue stone is embellished between smaller white stones.

Zales Promise Rings for Her

There is also cool romantic promise ring with vibrant red stones as embellishment. This time, the red stone appears in heart shape. Basically, there are three heart shaped red stones set as ring embellishment. Yet, the biggest one is studded between the smaller stones as equal as the previous blue and white stoned ring. To beautify this red embellished promise ring for woman, some extremely tiny white stones are studded along the silver band as additional ornaments.

Zales Promise Rings for Women

Girls, if you love traditional style promise ring, the Zales promise rings with single stone would be always pretty for everybody even man. Ideally, a small diamond-like stone is studded sharp on the ring top. And commonly this single ornament is beautified by engraved details on both sides of the ornament. Mostly, smaller-size stones are purposely studded along the engraved detail to complete the appearance of the single ring ornament stone. Until now, every woman always loves an extra big diamond studded as main ring ornament. Now, everybody can get inexpensive promise ring with a huge diamond-like stone as embellishment. Of course this kind of pretty ring would be a nice choice to please your girlfriend. Are you ready to pick one of those rings for you?

Zales Promise Rings under 100


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