Inspiring Engraved Promise Rings Collection with Words

We are here still speaking of a meaningful ring namely promise ring. Well, most teenagers must know that promise ring is a kind of special ring which symbolizes a certain relationship like friendship, love or soul mate or many more special relationship types. With different promise ring meaning, the ring design itself may be different from one to another. It depends on the promise ring meaning indeed. Nevertheless, no matter what the relationship, it seems that engraved promise rings would be nice choice for you.

Engraved Promise Rings for Couples

Well, for couple, the engraved promise rings ideally integrate some romantic words or a phrase to reflect the love feeling such as “I Love You Forever” or something like that. Another alternative or romantic word that is usually engraved along the ring band is shown by the first picture of promise ring. Well, these are a couple of ring for Jessica and Matthew. It seen from the engraved name curved on internal side of the ring.

Engraved Promise Rings for Her

To reflect Jessica and Matthew love feeling, some inspiring words are engraved along the band external side. Those words say “Today Tomorrow Always”. These words offer a deep meaning of love that both couples would not be separated forever. The engraved ring design is modest with only engraved words displayed along the band surface. For the woman’s ring, beautiful sparkling stones are embellished along the band external side. Yet, the ring for man is simpler with only engraved words as ornament.

Engraved Promise Rings for Him and Her

Most matching engraved promise rings come with similar design concept and different ring size. With heart shaped ornament embellished by a diamond or stone grain, both couple rings commonly look very eye catching worn on finger. Another twin couple promise rings come with unique twisted detail on the top part. The twisted detail is luxurious especially it is also integrated with “Only Love You” engraved words.

Engraved Promise Rings for Him


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