Interesting Infinity Promise Ring with Typical Top Design

Can you explain the meaning of promise ring? In several articles posted at this blog, everybody must have known at least little meaning of the promise ring. As we know, a promise ring is not the same with common ring as your fashion jewelry. Although it is not as exclusive and expensive as an engagement and wedding ring, the promise ring itself has important meaning for the wearers. If you are a romantic couple, a couple of infinity promise ring would be a nice option to pick.

Infinity Promise Ring for Her

Unlike usual romantic promise ring for couples, the infinity promise ring is special. The meaning of promise ring is crystal clearly similar with other promise ring. What makes this promise band different is its basic design. Well, basically, a ring is made of metal in round shape. There would be one or more embellishment studded as topping. The infinity ring has its own design of topping. Inspired by eight-number shape, the symbol of endless love, friendship and relationship is curved elegantly.

We can see the basic design of the infinity ring in several pictures uploaded here. The first promise ring is a ring for a girl friend. This ring is totally made of silver. Two kinds of stone are studded beautifully as ornament stones. And to memorize the special relationship begin, date is engraved on the internal side of the ring band.

Sometimes, romanticism is purposely displayed on the infinity promise ring. No wonder that some couples also engrave one or more words to remind the ring wearer about their specific relationship meaning. The words of “LOVE YOU” seem very clear to understand here. Lately, the infinity ring design has been successfully modified into more stylish ring topping design. As a ring of the fourth picture, the infinity symbol in eight-number shape is transformed into a tight knot shape.

Infinity Promise Ring Zales


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