Luxurious Promise Rings for Her Collection in Feminine Design

Hello girls! Have you ever heard about promise ring before? This kind of ring is very popular among the young people. This ring is not a common jewelry to wear anywhere and anytime as your fashion accessory. On other way, this ring is also not as exclusive as a wedding ring. A promise ring is a meaningful ring for the wearers. And it may mean almost anything including love, friendship or loyalty. No wonder that the promise rings for her or him are given for special purpose no matter who gives it to you and the others.

Promise Rings for Her and Him

Well, today, we are going to display and describe some luxurious promise rings for her through some pictures uploaded at this post. Those samples of promise ring are purposely made in extremely trendy and feminine design. So, check them out and then find the best one for your own promise ring concept. The first promise ring seems very cute and girlish with bow knot as its main design of embellishment. This fabulous ring is made of silver with perfectly smooth surface on both external and internal sides.

Promise Rings for Her Infinity

As a simple promise ring for friendship of girls, this bow knot ring looks beautiful. On the bow knot top, some synthetic or fake diamond grains are studded as ring ornament. The next girlish promise ring sample even looks more marvelous with little gold or bronze accent. The main embellishment is purposely formed in rhomboid shape. Some tiny embellishments are studded on this rhomboid shape. Bronze details are intentionally placed on both sides of the rhomboid ornament as if these items role as bodyguards.

Promise Rings for Her Jared's

The third sample of promise rings for her is specifically designed for couple. Well, it is only for girl indeed. Yes, this ring style is suitable for those men who want to give a special present to the girls they love in Valentine Day. This titanium ring is full of heart shapes as its embellishment. We sure your girlfriend will love it so much. The fourth ring sample is completely different from the third rings before. This golden ring has unique pink color accent on the external side of band. Heart and diamond are displayed as its main ornament.

Promise Rings for Her Tiffany


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