Masculine Designs of Promise Rings for Men

Basically, promise ring is a kind of ring which has a special meaning behind it. The meaning of the ring is usually very precious for the wearer no matter what the gender. For teen, the promise ring is commonly chosen as a tight symbol of friendship. For a steady couple, the promise ring refers to love relationship between the girl and boy. Ideally, the wearers of promise ring prefer to pick similar design in order to people can see and guess the meaning behind the ring and its design. Nevertheless, some people especially couples who have strong conviction want to wear different promise ring design from the partner. Woman usually desires something feminine for the ring, whereas man prefers to express himself by choosing masculine promise rings for men.

Promise Rings for Men and Women

This action seems usual among the society currently. Even everybody definitely can find a wide range of promise rings for men and women collection in different design and style in numerous jewelry stores. Let’s see the difference of promise ring for woman and man here.

Promise Rings for Men Black

Unlike woman’s promise ring, man’s promise ring is dramatically simpler. It is commonly made thicker and bigger to fit man’s finger size. There are no too many embellishments studded along the band. Normally, the man’s promise ring is plan with no ornament stone. Titanium is the most outstanding basic material of the ring for men. In such a way, the titanium ring comes in black color. Yes, we agree with you. It looks very manly, right!

Promise Rings for Men Cheap

Sometimes, to keep it luxurious, some ring designers combine the titanium with any kind of precious matter such as gold. Specific texture is typically engraved over the additional matter to replace the solid ornament of the ring. Have you ever seen a camouflage ring? The promise rings for men also appear with camo concept. Original camouflage pattern in gray, black and white are displayed along the external side of the band. If you want a ring with Gothic accent, engraved rings for men seem attractive to match your girlfriend promise ring design. Abstract pattern is commonly engraved over the external side of the ring.

Promise Rings for Men Engraved


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