Masculine Irish Promise Ring Characteristic to Recognize

Irish promise ring comes from Ireland. This ring is unique and typical with luxurious ornament design namely Claddagh Irish. The Claddagh Irish promise ring is easy to recognize and distinguish from other ring design. Yes, it is because the Irish ring no matter what the meaning and function is always integrated with heart shape, crown and couple of hands shape as ornament. This kind of promise ring is more suitable for men.

Irish Promise Rings Claddagh Meaning

Masculine Irish promise ring is stylish with its ornament. Basically, the heart shaped ornament is made of metal as similar as the whole band parts. Sometimes, this heart shaped ornament is made of precious stone like diamond, amethyst, opal, emerald and many more. Most people prefer to choose the color of stone based on their birth stone type to get lucky. Well, the heart shape ornament appears with a crown studded on top of it.

Irish Promise Rings for Women

And then two hands are arranged in such a way on both side of heart shaped ornament with crown. We can say that these hands are guarding the heart. People in Ireland say that the Claddagh Irish ring has a deep meaning of eternal love. That’s why this promise ring is very popular among the society even in countries around or far away from Ireland. As like other promise ring for couple, the Claddagh Irish ring is made of various material options such as white and yellow gold, titanium, platinum and silver.

Irish Promise Rings Meaning

With little modification on the design of ring, the Irish promise ring sometimes doesn’t appear as similar as the original ring design. We can see the second picture to see the luxurious modification of ring design from Ireland. In that picture, we can see that the Irish ring doesn’t involve a couple of hands to guard the heart shape with crown on the middle.

Irish Promise Rings Men


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