Romantic Promise Rings Meaning for Couples

Promise ring is not the same with wedding ring. It is a kind of ring which is simpler than yet as meaningful as the wedding ring. The promise ring is usually popular among teenagers and young adults. Generally, people wear a promise ring to represent something. This something may reflect friendship, love relationship and other deeper meaning. Romantic promise rings meaning for couples is the most popular reason of which people want to wear this couple ring.

Promise Rings Meaning for Couples

The promise rings meaning for couple is specifically a nice reflection of a couple love relationship. The promise ring doesn’t have to be very expensive as wedding ring. The point here is the promise ring must be meaningful for the wearers. In this case, the wearers are woman and man. The design of ring for couple itself is similar with common ring for jewelry. Everybody can choose any ring design according to their desire.

Promise Rings Meaning for Boyfriend

For friendship promise ring, quote engraved ring design is the most favorite choice to pick. This kind of ring design is displayed by the first picture here. It is a simple golden ring with the word “HOPE” engraved on the external side of the band. For romantic promise ring, feminine or girlish ring design is mostly selected by women rather than men. Ideally, men prefer to wear simpler ring though it has similar or different design from the couple.

Promise Rings Meaning for Daughter

Several ring design samples of romantic promise rings meaning are displayed by second to fourth picture. The second picture shows us an infinity knot shaped ring which is intentionally made of silver. This woman’s ring is simple yet beautiful to reflect their feminism. Thinner ring band is designed uniquely with tiny pearls arrangement surrounding the wearer finger. The third and fourth ring pictures offer heart shape as symbol of love. One of the ring designs looks elegant with black and white knotted heart shape as ring ornament. A single heart shaped ornament idea is displayed by the fourth promise ring picture. Unlike the previous heart ring, this ring has a big diamond on the center of heart shape. Well, let’s choose our meaningful promise ring design then.

Promise Rings Meaning for Girlfriend


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