Stylish Promise Ring Finger for Men and Women

In some previous articles at this post, we have discussed many things about promise ring finger for women and men. As everybody knows then, a promise ring is a kind of casual ring that symbolizes a specific relationship of someone with another or one with a group of people. Ideally, people wear a promise ring to emphasize the meaning of relationship such as friendship, very close sibling, eternal love and even parents and children. Stylish promise ring is not different from other ring found around the world.

Promise Ring Finger for Women

Even the design of the promise ring finger for men and women is quite similar with engagement and bridal ring. Fortunately, the promise ring is extremely cheaper than both engagement and wedding rings. No wonder that this kind of casual ring is commonly famous among teenagers and young people only. Well, it is just an exciting moment when people bought a couple of ring and swear something to each other during a specific period of time.

Promise Ring Finger Meaning

Here these are several samples of the stylish meaningful promise ring to pick. As like what we have talked before, the promise ring is simpler than engagement and bridal rings. Therefore, the promise ring design is completely simpler and ordinary with less of detail and even no ornament. Thin round band is usually made of certain material like titanium, sterling silver, platinum and even stainless steel or acrylic and copper.

Promise Ring Finger Placement

The promise ring finger of women and men is purposely designed depending on the wearer. For women, ideally, the promise ring would appear in captivating shape completed by stylish engraving and beautiful stone as the ornament. For men, the ring is perfectly masculine with less of detail and ornament. Yet, the promise ring is also available in tattoo version. It is a ring which is printed on your finger as if it is a real ring you are wearing.

Promise Ring Finger Tattoo


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