What is a Promise Ring Meaning for You?

Unlike a wedding ring, promise ring is extremely simple for people. Young people usually have this promise ring to emphasize a specific relationship between them. The meaning of the promise ring for every individual is different. This ring may be meaningful to reflect a tight friendship for some people. This ring is also perfect to represent a special relationship between a man and woman before approaching more serious level of relationship. The promise ring is also meaningful for sibling or relative relationship. Well, what is a promise ring meaning for you?

What is a Promise Ring Supposed to Look Like

Answering a question that asks what is a promise ring meaning for us is quite simple actually. Everything must have a reason to happen. It is similar with your promise ring. If you have a gang where four or more people are together as friend, friendship would be a nice reason of which the promise ring should be worn. If you are a romantic young couple and don’t want to be apart, love becomes a special reason of which both of you should wear the promise ring.

What is a Promise Ring for

It is simple, isn’t it? Now, it is about the ring design. As the meaning that is different according to the situation, the promise ring design is typically influenced by the meaning of the ring itself. For friendship promise ring, two or more rings for all friendship members are commonly the same from each other.

What is a Promise Ring in a Relationship

For the love promise ring, the ring design may be different according to the gender of users. Mostly, the ring for men is more minimalist and masculine than the women’s ring. Similar with other ring around the world, the promise ring comes in many kinds of model. Round shape is the basic form the ring. The simplest ring appears with plain band design. To reflect the meaning of the ring, sometimes, a certain quote is engraved over the internal or external side of the ring. One or more ornament stones are typically studded on the top of ring. Those ornaments are functional to beautify the ring particularly a promise ring for couples. So, what is a promise ring meaning for you?

What is a Promise Ring Mean


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