Beautiful Irish Wedding Rings with Diamonds

Do you still remember the Irish Claddagh ring? Yes, it is true. The Irish Claddagh is a ring style from Ireland. This ring is very historical with eternal love symbol stated on it. In addition, beautiful Irish wedding rings have special characteristic over the design. It means that this Ireland band is different from other common wedding ring. If you haven’t read the previous article about the Irish Claddagh ring, we are going to explain well about main characteristic of this elegant ring.

Irish Wedding Rings for Women

The Irish wedding rings are very fascinating with heart, crown and hands shape. These shapes are purposely located as main embellishment of the ring. The heart shape is located on the center with crown studded on the top of heart as if it is wearing a crown. A pair of hands is engraved on both sides of the heart and crown shapes. It looks like as if those hands are holding the heart shape carefully. Let’s say that the heart shape with crown is an eternal love of both hands. Can you get the meaning of the Irish ring?

Irish Wedding Rings from Ireland

Today, the Irish Claddagh ring is very outstanding in society even outside of Ireland. This ring symbolizes eternal love, true love and deep love of someone to the beloved one. Following the latest trend of ring design, the Irish bridal ring comes with inspirational innovation. Diamond is one of those creative innovation ideas. In any kind of style and shape, diamond is specifically studded as an ornament stone of the wedding ring.

Irish Wedding Rings Meaning

Commonly, this precious stone is studded on the heart shape. The diamond grains may be studded to follow the shape of heart itself. Or in other opportunity, the diamond comes in completely different shape and even color. In conclusion, it mostly depends on the ring designer who manufactures the Irish wedding rings as beautiful as possible.

Irish Wedding Rings Mens


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