Beautiful Tacori Wedding Rings Collection in 2014

Hey ladies and gentlemen, are you looking for glorious ring design for bridal? We just want to recommend beautiful Tacori wedding rings collection at this post. Tacori is one of popular jewelry designed in the world. This brand has a great capability to attract the customers for buying various kinds of jewelry products including the ring for bridal. Now, in 2014, Tacori provides many incredible wedding rings collection just for the brides-to-be. Here these are some models of the ring by Tacori.

Tacori Wedding Rings Gold

In general, Tacori wedding rings are available in numerous kinds of model and shape. It is started from the simplest to the most intricate one. The first photo attached at this post shows a modest yet elegant Tacori bridal ring for calm and simple bride-to-be. This white gold wedding ring is purposely designed elegantly with thin round band and some tiny grains as embellishment. Well, there is no engraved detail applied on the ring band except area surrounding the grains. That’s why this ring looks very simple.

Tacori Wedding Rings Prices

The next wedding ring by Tacori actually has similar design concept as the first ring. This time, the thin round ring comes with more diamond grains covering the entire surface of the external ring side. There is Tacori label engraved on the inner part of the ring. If you want more expensive and luxurious wedding rings by Tacori, let’s see the third and fourth pictures at this post.

Tacori Wedding Rings Sets

As a complicated wedding ring model, some Tacori wedding rings shown in the third and fourth pictures involve irregular details over the band. Big diamond is selected and studded carefully as main ornament stone of the ring. If you love vintage styled ring, the fourth picture offer luxurious old fashioned ring style with huge embellishment detail as main ornament. At this rate, glorious pattern is engraved over the ring top.

Tacori Wedding Rings Vintage


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