Beautiful Wedding Rings Selection for Lovely Brides

Have you purchased a beautiful ring for your marriage? Don’t be hurry because we will give you some gorgeous selections of beautiful wedding rings for you. These are several rings which are purposely designed for pretty women. The ring is created to have lovely design to attract much attention from women including you. Let’s see the photos of the beautiful bridal bands below.

Beautiful Wedding Rings for Her

It is a sample of beautiful wedding rings for bride. This white gold wedding ring is perfectly designed with quite thick round band. To enhance the ring value, a big diamond is studded on it as ornament. This big diamond is cut elegantly in marquise style. Well, people mostly know this cut style as rhomboid shaped diamond cut style. Six prongs are attached surrounding the rhomboid diamond. And for finishing touch, a couple of pear cut diamonds in smaller size are studded to guard the marquise diamond.

Beautiful Wedding Rings for Women

The next sample of lovely ring for women is simpler than the first one. This time, there is no a big stone which is studded on the round band as main ornament. Basically, this round band only integrates three luxurious leaves shaped frames as embellishment. And then finally those frames are filled with tiny diamond grains. Horizontal lines are engraved along the round band. Another simple yet beautiful wedding ring for bride comes extremely modest with a tiny diamond grain installed on the round band.

Beautiful Wedding Rings Pictures

This ring is made of white gold with no other detail engraved on the ring. Although this white gold ring looks completely simple, everyone must always think that it is beautiful especially for lovely bride. More innovative beautiful wedding rings incorporate non round band concept on its design. In this case, the ring doesn’t come in general round shape, but flower shape. We can see the fourth picture for clearer description.

Beautiful Wedding Rings Sets


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