Elegant Titanium Wedding Rings Selection

Discussing about wedding ring or any kind of ring in the world, titanium is one of recommended material which is commonly used as basic material of ring. The texture of titanium is actually quite similar with white gold yet it is much stronger and more sparkling than the white gold. Well, the price rate of titanium is not cheap particularly for your wedding ring design. Ideally, most men love titanium wedding rings since it reflects masculinity for them.

Titanium Wedding Rings for Him

In addition, the titanium bridal ring appears in incredible design as well as other rings made of gold, silver, platinum and even jade. Although generally the titanium band is quite often identical with men, nowadays, many women love to wear the titanium ring on their bridal moment. Area you so curious about the titanium wedding rings model collection then? Let’s check some samples of the ring model at this post.

Titanium Wedding Rings for Men and Women

The first picture shows us a masculine titanium ring for men. This manly band looks very simple yet elegant with those abstract engraved detail applied along the external band. Unlike the external ring part appearance, the internal side of it is smoother with natural lining attached under the brand of the ring engraved inside.

Titanium Wedding Rings for Men

Hey, the titanium wedding rings are available with ornament stone. And we can set the stone as desire based on the wearer. For men’s wedding ring, the ornament stone should be bigger to match the thicker concept of the rounded band. Compared with the men’s ring, the women’s ring for wedding must be simpler and thinner with near lining attached along the external band. And finally a tiny precious stone is embellished on the middle part. Engraved ring seems still very popular currently. No wonder that the titanium ring with unique heart shape carved on the band would be fantastic to pick.

Titanium Wedding Rings Set


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