Exclusive Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Design to Imitate

Hollywood stars like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie are generally selected by some women as their fashion innovation and inspiration. Well, it seems great to imitate and adopt the Hollywood stars’ fashion styles including their wedding ring in order to every bride-to-be can appear as elegant as her favorite Hollywood star. In the previous article at this post, Beyonce wedding ring has been discussed shortly. Today’s topic is related to a beautiful Hollywood singer’s wedding ring. It is Mariah Carey wedding ring. Perhaps, after reading this article, everyone can adopt and have Mariah Carey ring for bridal replica in their marriage.

Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Cost

Well, unlike Beyonce wedding ring, Mariah Carey wedding ring is more exclusive with its thicker band and big diamond attached on the center. It seems that Mariah Carey knows her fashion taste very well particularly at finding the best diamond ring for her own bridal moment. Based on several pictures given at this post, Mariah Carey bridal ring looks sparkling and glorious. This ring is quite bigger on her finger.

Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Idea

Everybody must know that Mariah Carey always look classy with her big diamond ring on her finger. In addition, this ring is exclusively designed for her. With high carat level of the diamond and metal type, this band appears with its pillow diamond cut style. Tinier diamond grains are attached surrounding the pillow shaped diamond stone on the center. And more grains are also attached along the round band as basic ornament of the ring.

Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Price

Hey, do you know that Mariah Carey wedding ring is a kind of bridal ring wrap? Yea, it is a ring which consists of double round bands. In this case, the Mariah Carey ring can be worn separately from each other. Thus, when Mariah Carey wants to wear one of her rings, another one can be stored at home safety.

Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Replica


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