Exclusive Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings in Gold

Today’s topic is all about exclusive men’s diamond wedding rings collection. The masculine wedding rings are specifically made of gold whether it is white or yellow gold. Do you know that men love simplicity so much? Therefore, some men’s ring designers always focus on that fact to create simple yet luxurious grooms’ rings for wedding. Well, let’s immediately take a look on several models of the diamond ring for men here.

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The first exclusive men’s diamond wedding rings collection is designed by Vera Wang. To match the Vera Wang wedding band for women, Vera Wang involves tiny sapphires to combine with the diamond grains as embellishment. Basically, there are two versions of diamond grain application. The first version integrates diamond grains to stud on the round band in a row, whereas another ring incorporates double rows of diamond grains to cover entire surface of the round band. These white gold diamond rings for men look elegant, aren’t they?

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The second simple diamond ring for men comes in completely modest design. It is a white gold ring with three lines engraved along the round band. As like the liners, three tiny diamond grains are purposely studded as main ornament of the ring. Each grain is installed inside tiny square shaped frame. Little gray accent is displayed on two lines of the white gold to complete the elegance of this wedding ring for men.

Mens Diamond Wedding Rings White Gold

There is still more expensive men’s diamond wedding rings displayed by the third picture here. It is a magnificent white gold ring with many diamond grains attached in Halo style along the round band. Due to a lot of grains application, therefore this diamond ring sold in higher price than other rings shown at this post. The last men’s wedding ring sample incorporates a great collaboration of white and yellow gold. This ring for man is truly simple with a yellow gold line and a tiny diamond grain as embellishment.

Mens Diamond Wedding Rings Yellow Gold


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