Exotic Male Wedding Rings Design Inspiration

Male is definitely different from female especially their taste on fashion and jewelry. Male is masculine, strong, simple and flexible. Female is feminine, weaker, structured and perfectionist on several things including fashion. No wonder that women love something precious like a ring which is purposely designed with symmetrical embellishment, unique and beautiful. It is rather different with male. It seems that exotic male wedding rings are enough to know the basic character of male.

Male Wedding Rings Black

Here these are several exotic male wedding rings designed simply, chic yet luxuriously to fit male’s character. Let’s see the first photo here. It is an elegant black titanium wedding ring with little combination of metal on the ring internal side and edge. This black ring looks elegant with golden pattern printed along the ring external side. Curling and curving lines printed over the black matter of the ring looks more artistic than usual ring for men.

Male Wedding Rings Silver

The next ring is made of sterling silver. It is an ultra simple wedding ring for man with elegant engraving along the round band. There is no stone or intricate detail applied on the ring. Yet, every man can choose this silver ring simply to appear masculine and luxurious at the same time. Of course with less of detail, this sterling silver is cheaper than the first ring displayed by the first photo.

Male Wedding Rings Tungsten

If you want to choose a matching ring for your wedding, a couple of rings displayed by the third photo will be a nice choice for bride and groom-to-be. This matching ring is unique with irregular lining engraved along the ring external surface. There is no specific pattern displayed by the detail. It seems that the designer just lets the ring appears as the way it is with that irregular pattern. Claddagh engraved ring is another option of male wedding rings. It comes simpler with Irish Claddagh pattern engraved along the band.

Male Wedding Rings White Gold


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