Expensive Costco Wedding Rings with Pillow Cut Diamond

In the previous article, we have talked about inexpensive wedding and promise rings for you. Now, we only want to introduce you to some samples of expensive bridal rings. This time, the bridal rings collection is sold by Costco. As like Zales and Tiffany, Costco wedding rings are exclusive with great selected ring model. With expensive Costco bridal band, we sure your finger will look so stunning during the marriage moment.

Costco Wedding Rings for Women

Well, this time, we are going to show you several samples of expensive Costco wedding rings. The bridal rings are purposely designed with pillow cut diamond as main ornament of the ring. Let’s immediately look at the first ring model in the picture. It is an elegant bridal ring for bride which is made of white gold. This 16 carat of white gold looks extremely sparkling with its purity. To keep it beautiful, this ring is decorated with a glorious pillow cut diamond as main ornament stone.

Costco Wedding Rings Men

And finally, this big diamond is also coupled with many tinier diamond grains. The grains are arranged tidily surrounding the pillow cut diamond and covering the ring along the round band. The next ring by Costco is specifically made of platinum. This ring involves a big and thick pillow cut diamond as the embellishment. Six prongs are installed to hold this big pillow cut diamond for safety. To keep the external side of the round band full with detail, some diamond grains are studded along it.

Costco Wedding Rings Reviews

The third expensive Costco wedding rings come with bigger diamond stones than the grains to surround the round band. Basically, a big pillow cut diamond is studded on the center part of the ring as main ornament stone. And then six smaller pillow cut diamonds are attached on both sides of the biggest diamond as complement ideas.

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