Extraordinary Beyonce Wedding Ring with a Huge Diamond

Who doesn’t know Beyonce? She is a famous singer in Hollywood who married Jay Z. Lately, a baby daughter namely Blue Ivy Carter was born and makes her parents so happy. Talking about Beyonce and Jay Z must always bring us back into a memory when this hot couple married. Yes, the marriage must be very memorable for everyone. Beyonce definitely looked very beauty in her wedding dress and of course with extraordinary Beyonce wedding ring embellished with a huge diamond.

Beyonce Wedding Rings Carats

From that memorable ceremony, many women especially celebrities imitate Beyonce by purchasing a ring with a huge diamond. Let’s see some pictures here to know closer about Beyonce wedding ring. Basically, the design of ring is quite simple. This ring is made of titanium which is much stronger and sparkling rather than white gold. The titanium covers the entire ring band area with double bands setting to cover Beyonce’s sweet finger.

Beyonce Wedding Rings Pictures

For a final touch of this incredible wedding ring, a huge diamond is embellished over the titanium band. This 16 carat diamond forms Princess cut which can improve the quality of the Beyonce’s marriage ring. This Princess cut diamond ring is modest with no other stone combination studded around the diamond. Nevertheless, anything that is worn by Beyonce can be very eye catching no matter how simple it is.

Beyonce Wedding Rings Price

Well, as a beautiful and popular international singer, Beyonce always knows how to attract much attention from public. With extraordinary Beyonce wedding ring and its huge embellishment, Beyonce in fact tries to keep it glamorous by applying nail art, wearing sparkling earrings or something simple to cover her body while showing off the ring at the same time. If you really want to have this bridal ring a la Beyonce, it is quite easy to do. Yet, everybody should be careful to consider about the money. Well, everybody must have understood that 16 carat diamond is not cheap.

Beyonce Wedding Rings Worth


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