Extraordinary Unique Wedding Rings Designed in Uncommon Shape

Everyone must have a big dream to be a bride and groom someday. In this special moment, a couple would tie the knot on altar under wedding arc. And finally, the groom and bride would wear their new statues symbol as a new married couple. People know this eternal love symbol as ring. Since wedding day is a kind of special moment for everyone, no wonder that some couples want to have such a special bridal concept including the ring design. It seems that unique wedding rings probably can be the best personalized eternal love symbol for the new married couples.

Unique Wedding Rings Design

A wide range of unique wedding rings are available around the world. Yes, we can say that the unique ring design is extremely different from standard ring for bridal. In this case, the uncommon ring is specifically designed with unforgettable shape or model. Here those are several unique rings for bridal models for your inspiration. Let’s see the photos of them at this post then. The first picture shows us four rings for bridal with uncommon design.

Unique Wedding Rings for Her

One of which is made of wood. Unlike usual ring, this log cross section ring comes with thicker round band. In addition, this wooden ring integrates real wood or log texture dominating the exterior and interior side of the band. Ample top surface of the log cross section looks simple as main ornament touch for the unique ring model. The second picture promises an incredible wedding band with glorious handcrafted rose designed as main ornament stone.

Unique Wedding Rings for Women 2014

This unique wedding rings model with real textured rose ornament is basically made of sparkling titanium. Some diamond grains are studded on the engraved rose as additional embellishment over this titanium ring. The last picture shows a contemporary wedding ring with spiral and twirling lining along the round band. The round band is specifically designed irregularly to add luxurious detail on the ring design.

Unique Wedding Rings Women


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