Extravagant Vintage Wedding Ring Design with Big Diamond

Vintage wedding style seems very romantic for all of couples especially in all seasons of the year. The impression of old fashioned bridal will make people comfortable while enjoying the party and ceremony during bridal moment. And in this case, this old fashioned bridal moment will not complete without having vintage wedding ring to wear as an important symbol of your marriage. Generally the vintage ring design is certainly different from modern ring for bridal. There are several aspects which make both ring styles different.

Vintage Wedding Ring Sets for Women

The first aspect is ornament stone touch. Ideally, an old fashioned ring for bridal has bigger ornament stone as topping. It is not similar with modern ring which is purposely manufactured simpler yet beautiful at the same time. The vintage wedding ring design looks ore historical with classic stone cut like round and pillow cut. Diamond is the most popular ornament stone for the vintage bridal band. The diamond is specifically cut in round or pillow shape and then finally decorated by stylish curling, lining, spiraling and wavy carving on the edge.

Vintage Wedding Ring Sets White Gold

Sometimes, more diamond grains are studded over the diamond edge as additional embellishment for the ring. Extravagant touch of the engraved details is very stunning to describe the vintage ring characteristic. It is because the complicated floral detail applied over the ring is not easy to create. No wonder that the vintage ring becomes more expensive than the modern ring for bridal.

Vintage Wedding Ring Styles

Yet, there is a new version of the vintage wedding ring which is purposely created with a great combination of classic and modern style. At this rate, the ring comes with vintage touch over the ornament stone, whereas modern touch is installed along the round band showing simpler detail to decorate the external side of the ring. Glamorous touch is displayed incredibly over the whole part of the ring with extra sparkling detail on the ring.

Vintage Wedding Ring Sets


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