Fascinating Couple Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

A set of couple ring is a must to select as your romantic marital symbol. This couple ring set ideally consists of two rings which are purposely made in matching design. It means that both rings have similar design though it is not too closely similar from each other. However, the wearers of the ring are groom and bride. Man and woman must have many differences including a taste at finding the best ring design to match their personality and character. Some fascinating couple diamond wedding ring sets are purposely displayed here for your bridal inspiration.

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It seems that combination of diamond and pearl would be very great to consider. The first photo shows us wonderful couple diamond wedding ring sets. Both rings are basically made of yellow gold. Yet, each ring has different embellishment concept to distinguish the wearer gender. Bride’s ring comes simpler yet luxurious with a big white pearl as ornament. The bride’s round band is sleek with no detail engraved along it.

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets for Bride and Groom

It is quite different from groom’s wedding ring. Unlike the bride’s ring, the groom’s ring appears exclusively with many diamond grains covering the whole surface of the round band external side. Another set of couple diamond rings involve a group of diamond detail only on the ring top. The groom’s ring incorporates five diamond grains as embellishment, whereas the bride’s ring involve three–stone concept with a bigger round diamond on the middle.

Diamond Wedding Ring Sets for Her

The third concept of couple diamond wedding ring sets combine bright diamond and cool sapphire on the embellishment. Both the groom’s and bride’s rings have similar embellishment setting with sapphire and diamond combination. Yet, the bride’s ring studs a big Princess cut diamond as main ornament stone with bigger sapphire touches on both sides of the diamond. The groom’s ring is definitely created simpler than the bride’s band.

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