Golden Christian Wedding Rings in Matching Style

Christian Bauer is a famous jewelry brand and company which deals with ring for men and women. In this case, Christian Bauer offers a wide variety of wedding rings for groom and bride in extremely magnificent design concept. Well, it seems that we don’t have to talk too much here. Let’s take a look on some golden Christian wedding rings that are purposely designed as a matching ring for bridal by Christian Bauer.

Christian Wedding Rings Designs

The first picture attached here shows us a pair of elegant golden Christian wedding rings. Both rings for man and woman are not too exclusive without any ornament stone. These golden rings are extremely simple in yellow gold scheme with super tiny engraved details attached along the ring edge as the only one ornament. Since the design of both groom’s and bride’s rings are similar, no wonder that people is not easy to distinguish them as woman’s and man’s ring. The only clue in order to we can distinguish the ring for man and woman is the size of the ring.

Christian Wedding Rings for Men

Prettier matching rings designed by Christian Bauer are very luxurious with diamond grains. Yeah, this time, everybody can distinguish whether the ring for man or woman. The ring for man is completely simple with smooth golden scheme covering both interior and exterior side of the round band. Little accent of white gold is attached on the side part of the ring for ma and woman. Unlike the groom’s ring, the bride’s ring is dramatically beautiful with a single line consisting of some tiny diamond grains.

Christian Wedding Rings for Women

Equal concept of single diamond line is also applied on the third matching ring model by Christian Bauer. This time, both groom’s and bride’s rings are purposely designed with curling line. Yes, it is certainly more unique than other Christian wedding rings collection.

Christian Wedding Rings Sets


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