Gothic Wedding Rings Concept for Victorian Bridal Theme

Speaking of Gothic bridal, this mysterious and mystic Victorian era style is always attractive to choose as your bridal theme concept. Much of black, red, purple and other dark colors are usually popular among the society to be the Gothic decoration components. No wonder that Gothic wedding rings appear in the similar concept like the decoration concept. Let’s take a look on the first photo here. It is a high quality titanium ring which is embellished with black diamond as ornament stone.

Gothic Wedding Rings for Her

As like a bar of chocolate, the black diamond is purposely formed in rectangular shape. In fact, the mysterious yet beautiful Gothic wedding rings don’t only involve the black diamond as ornament. Art Deco detail is also engraved on area surrounding the black diamond. The engraved detail, in fact, integrates glorious diamond grains to set as additional embellishment on the ring as well.

Gothic Wedding Rings for Mens

Gothic ring for men even appears in simpler design. As like the black wedding ring discussed in the previous post, this Gothic ring for men is made of black metal or wood. It is true that the ring is too simple without stone as the ornament. Yet, the designer offsets that fact by applying mounted cross pattern on both internal and external sides of the round band. These patterns are finally colored in metallic scheme to hit the black round band.

Gothic Wedding Rings for Sale

More exclusive Gothic ring is very incredible with red ruby designed in heart cut style. Basically, this ruby Gothic ring design is inspired by Claddagh ring concept. Intricate art deco is engraved on both sides of this Gothic heart shaped ruby as additional ornament replacing the hands and crown of the original Claddagh ring typical. Yellow gold is also involved as basic material of the Gothic wedding rings. With bright round band scheme, black diamond is still utilized as ornament stone.

Gothic Wedding Rings Sets


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