Imposing Black Diamond Wedding Rings for Groom and Bride

Speaking of ring for bridal, diamond is typically used as main ornament stone to beautify the ring. Diamond is a kind of precious stone which has sparkling look over the surface. This precious stone is actually similar like crystal with little mirrored accent on it. Yet, diamond comes in glorious texture, design and size that are very fabulous to wear on finger, ears, neck and anywhere on the jewelry. In fact, diamond doesn’t only come in white. Currently, there is more exotic diamond type than the white one. It is black diamond. Well, have you ever seen black diamond wedding rings yet?

Black Diamond Wedding Rings for His and Hers

Now, let’s see some samples of the black diamond wedding rings at this post. We have really black wedding ring made of black gold. Yeah, the black gold perfectly covers the entire part of the ring either external or internal side of the ring. And finally, to contrast the wearer’s skin tone, this ring is embellished by black diamond grains. The grains are embellished the half surface of the rounded ring with stylish engraved detail decorating the half round frame.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

To distinguish the ring for bride from the groom’s ring, a big black diamond designed in Princess cut is embellished on the top of women’s ring. This black diamond looks very glorious ad exclusive with a couple pairs of prongs. More eye catching black diamond bridal ring is specifically made of titanium. This sparkling titanium offers high quality mirrored metal over the round band.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings Sets

Finally, the black diamond wedding rings designer attaches two kinds of diamond in black and white. In such a way, the black and white diamond grains are combined well as ring embellishment. As topping of the ring, a big sparkling white diamond is studded on the ring as main ornament stone. This white diamond is cut in Princess Style with incredible irregular touch on the surface.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings Vintage


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