Inspirational Alternative Wedding Rings for Newlyweds

In this modern era, numerous rings for bridal are available. These rings for marriage are purposely designed in various models and concepts. Of course it is always related to fashion and jewelry trend that are popular around us. This day, inspirational alternative wedding rings become a great idea to replace usual rings for bridal. This kind of ring model appears in inspiring design. Perhaps, many people never think about this ring design concept. That’s why it is called as an alternative band.

Alternative Wedding Rings for Men

At this post, we have several samples of inspirational alternative wedding rings for newlyweds. Well, this ring involves finger print as its basic concept for the design. Yeah, the unique finger print detail is engraved stylishly over the ring inner side. So, why don’t the finger print is not applied on the external side of the band? The inspiration allows the finger print purposely printed on your finger when you have worn it quite long. This ring itself is made of sterling silver. Therefore, it looks simple yet stylish with engraved detail.

Alternative Wedding Rings for Women

The second alternative ring design is more uncommon and attractive. This wedding ring design is inspired by cracked ring. Based on the picture at this post, we can see that a unit of ring actually consists of two pieces of round band. Both ring pieces are connected to each other with cracked line attached along the band. To emphasize the cracked detail of the ring, two pieces of ring are made of different material with different tone and texture.

Alternative Wedding Rings Ideas

The third sample of alternative wedding rings incorporates wood as main material. The wooden wedding ring seems quite uncommon set as your love symbol especially regarding to your marital status. Yet, this time, an inspirational wooden ring comes with unique attachment of gems along the round band surface as embellishment.

Alternative Wedding Rings Pinterest


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