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Unique bridal ring seems very attractive to choose when numerous rings look boring and too usual selected as your love symbol. Nowadays, a creative ring designer, Kristie Kelly, completed inspiring Disney Princess wedding rings collection. In other words, many women who love Disney fairy tale princess may have this inspiring bridal ring as their love symbol. Well, several wedding rings are designed according to Disney princess characters such as Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel.

Disney Princess Wedding Rings and Dresses

Of course the Disney Princess wedding rings design would be different from each other since the character of the princesses is not equal. Well, Jasmine is the first sample of the inspiring Disney princess themed wedding band. As everybody knows, Jasmine is a main woman character in Aladdin. This exotic princess ring concept is simple yet glorious with marquise cut diamond set as main ornament. Three-stone concept perhaps looks gorgeous to beautify your finger when wearing this inspiring band.

Disney Princess Wedding Rings for Sale

The second ring is a wedding ring a la Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle is a feminine and calm princess who must be perfect with round cut diamond style. As like the Jasmine bridal band, Belle bridal ring comes with three-stone concept. The round cut diamond looks elegant without Halo attached around it. This Belle ring concept is quite similar with Ariel ring. Yet, Ariel wedding ring comes with a single round diamond as ornament. In addition, cool detail is engraved elegantly on the ring embellishment area.

Disney Princess Wedding Rings Kirstie Kelly

The last sample of inspiring Disney Princess wedding rings involves Cinderella as main character. As an inspiring princess by Disney, Cinderella wedding band incorporates Princess cut diamond in three-stone concept as the ring embellishment idea. Besides, Halo detail is also integrated to beautify this gorgeous ring for bridal. Of course it is up to you at finding the best princess characterized wing for you.

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