Inspiring Tattoo Wedding Rings for Best Couple

Sometimes, when we are thinking about a different idea for wedding, we usually will directly think about an exclusive wedding dress, tuxedo, shoes, decoration, venue and menu for the guests. In fact, the simplest think is precisely no longer inside our mind. Hey, couples! Why don’t you think to create something different for your marriage using wedding rings? Have you ever thought about wearing tattoo wedding rings on altar under the wedding arc instead of real bridal rings? Well, perhaps, this inspiring idea should be considered well starting today to welcome your own marriage in the future.

Tattoo Wedding Rings Designs

Tattoo seems something cheap than real wedding rings. Yet, everybody must know that when a man and a woman are in love, there is nothing special except their relationship. The most important is they could stand together forever. Tattoo wedding rings reflect this eternal love as well as the real bridal ring. Furthermore, Tattoo is a kind of art which is printed on your skin. The tattoo itself is divided into two versions. The first version is temporary tattoo, whereas another one is permanent tattoo.

Tattoo Wedding Rings Ideas

If it is about promise ring for girlfriend and boyfriend, perhaps, wearing temporary tattoo ring will cool before finally wearing a real wedding ring in marriage. If you want to truly replace the real bridal band with love tattoo, we recommend permanent tattoo bridal rings which can be worn forever. Well, inspiring designs of tattoo ring are very exciting to know. Several of which are displayed at this post.

Tattoo Wedding Rings Pics

The first sample of tattoo wedding rings involves a heart shaped padlock and a key to replace brides and groom’s ring. The padlock tattoo is applied on the sweet finger of the bride, whereas the black key is applied on the groom’s finger. The simplest and the most general tattoo bridal rings come in similar design with real ring. It comes with unique rounded band detail and sometimes an ornament stone as embellishment.

Tattoo Wedding Rings Pictures


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