Irresistible Pearl Wedding Rings with Single Stone as Ornament

What is pearl? Have you ever heard or seen this stone yet? Well, if you love sea and beach very much, pearl is commonly drawn as a symbol of sea and beach in certain area around the world. Pearl is a kind of precious stone which is produced by cockle shells. With natural process, the pearl is created inside the cockle shells during certain period of time until everybody can harvest it. The texture and design of pearl is very easy to recognize. It mostly appears in ball shape with glossy and sparkling blush pink, white or even black scheme. Now, besides applying diamond as main ornament of ring, many people involve pearl to create their wonderful pearl wedding rings.

Pearl Wedding Rings for Women

The size of the pearl may be different according to the cockle shell type, size and length of manufacture process. Generally, the pearl wedding rings are commonly associated with vintage ring style. It is because the pearl comes in vintage themed color scheme which makes us falling in love with it instantly particularly those feminine women.

Pearl Wedding Rings Meaning

The pearl band itself nowadays appears in numerous design concepts including the pearl ring with a single stone concept as ornament. Let’s take a look on several wedding ring models designed with pearl at this post. The first ring comes ordinarily yet beautifully with a big blush pink themed pearl. Some diamond grains are purposely incorporated to set in Halo style surrounding the pearl as finishing touch. Yellow gold is utilized as main round band material. That’s why this ring looks old fashioned and exclusive for you.

Pearl Wedding Rings Sets

Following the latest fashion trend, the pearl wedding rings also experience some modifications. The modification may incorporate incredible design concept of the wedding ring shape. Let’s see the sample of modification in the second picture. There, we can see a modest pearl ring comes with spiral metallic round band as modification. A small blush pearl is studded between the upper and lower spiral band detail.

Pearl Wedding Rings Vintage


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