Macho Western Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Talking about Western wedding rings, everybody must mix and match some information regarding to the Western culture with wedding style of the people. Based on the wedding style in Western area, leather boots and high low wedding dress seem very popular to reflect the Western style bridal. The groom usually wears leather vest, books and a hat to match the bridal gown style. As like the wedding dress style, the Western ring for bridal has similar concept with the dresses.

Western Wedding Rings for Men

At this rate, we can say that the Western wedding rings will be associated with masculinity, wildness of Western style, bravery and classic style. In fact, we can see those aspects by looking at some wedding rings shown by the pictures here. These wedding rings are purposely created with deepness of Western style. It is displayed by the first wedding band here. This titanium bridal ring looks very elegant yet feminine at the same time.

Western Wedding Rings for Sale

With stylish curving designed rounded band, this Western band combines some tiny diamond grains and a quite big diamond as main embellishment on center. Little accent of white jade is applied along the rounded band to emphasize the metallic scheme covering the middle part of external ring side. The next Western ring comes in white and yellow gold. This ring is intentionally designed for men. This ring becomes more meaningful and precious with incredibly artistic engraved details applied along the band. The yellow gold tone is certainly applied along the ring edge like the white gold frame.

Western Wedding Rings for Women

Braver Western wedding rings are displayed by third and fourth pictures. The third wedding band comes in titanium. It is embellished with many tiny grains of diamond and one bigger diamond set in princess cut. Three stylish lining accents are formed as the basic shape of the rounded band. And then those three lining bands are covered by diamond grains.

Western Wedding Rings Sets


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