Masculine Men’s Wedding Ring with Little Accent of Gold

Generally, men’s wedding ring design is commonly identical with simplicity and minimalist setting. And it is definitely true since the ring usually would be modest and less of ornament. Unlike women’s wedding ring, the men’s ring for bridal is mostly made of titanium, platinum or silver. Some people think that gold is only available for women. Well, in fact, for some people, gold is neutral to wear by men and women especially on men’s jewelry. Thus, you don’t have to worry anything about the application of yellow and white gold on the wedding band for men.

Mens Wedding Ring Design

At this article, we are going to speak of masculine men’s wedding ring models which are purposely designed with little accent of gold whether it is yellow or metallic white. Hey, some pictures of wedding ring shown at this post perhaps give you incredible innovation about the ring for men. Let’s see the first wedding ring then. It is a simple ring for man that is basically made of titanium and yellow gold. This ring doesn’t involve any ornament stone as main embellishment.

Mens Wedding Ring Finger

There is only a single like of titanium studded between yellow gold lines. Both metallic materials look very sparkling under the light. We sure every man would love it though it looks extremely simpler than woman’s ring for wedding. The next sample of wedding band for man is even dominated by yellow gold. Little accent of silver is displayed along the edge of the external side of the ring. The unique part of this yellow gold ring is artistic engraved detail applied along the band as ornament.

Mens Wedding Ring Styles

If you want to look so masculine and manly, we recommend the last men’s wedding ring sample to choose. Basically, this ring comes with little accent of square shape over the external side of the band. Nice collaboration of black and white titanium makes the yellow gold becoming a prominent matter of the ring.

Mens Wedding Ring White Gold


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