Matching Wedding Ring Sets for Women and Men

What do you know about wedding ring, ladies and gentlemen? Yeah, it is correct. Wedding ring is a meaningful symbol of marriage. This ring would be given by a groom to his bride and bride to her groom after pledging the vows. The wedding band is available in a wide variety of models. And matching wedding ring sets for women and men are the most popular ring couple ever. Many couples prefer to purchase this kind of couple ring since both rings have similar design. In fact, this equal ring design can show their married status particularly when the couple is wearing the rings at the same time.

Wedding Ring Sets for Women and Men

The matching wedding ring sets for women and men are certainly elegant in different way. It depends on the brand designer, price rate and of course the ring material and stone as embellishment. Let’s take a look several samples of the beautiful couple ring at this post. The first wedding ring design shows us an elegant matching ring set. Both rings are perfectly manufactured with equal model, material and arrangement of the embellishment. What makes the two rings different is the size since the wearer of the ring is groom and bride.

Wedding Ring Sets for Women Cheap

Both rings are made of sparkling titanium. Each ring has incredible glitter details covering the external side of the rounded band. Deep lining is carved on the middle part of the band. This deep lining is finally functional to accommodate some tiny diamond grains set as ornament. The next matching ring for bridal comes with little different concept on the design of groom and bride’s ring.

Wedding Ring Sets for Women on Finger

This time, to distinguish the rings for groom and bride, three more additional diamond stones are added as main ornament of the ring besides some tiny grains of diamond. The groom’s ring only integrates the tiny diamond grains, whereas the bride’s ring has bigger emerald cut diamonds to add as main embellishment of matching wedding ring sets for women.

Wedding Ring Sets for Women White Gold


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