Modern Wedding Rings Collection with Full of Simplicity

In the previous ring article at this post, we have talked about old fashioned wedding ring models. And we know that most of the old fashioned bridal rings involve bigger ornament stone and irregular details of engraving. Today, we are going to speak of modern wedding rings collection with full of simplicity. Well, as everybody knows, ideally, the modern bridal ring is always identical with simple and modest ring model. This futuristic bridal band generally involves less of ornament and detail unlike the antique one.

Modern Wedding Rings 2014

Nevertheless, the modern wedding rings have its own typical which are always able to attract people’s attention especially women. Well, besides women, men are also interested in this modest and contemporary wedding band design. For better imagination and inspiration for your future wedding band, we are purposely displaying some wedding bands designed in modern style. Let’s take a look on the pictures here.

Modern Wedding Rings Designs

It is started from the first picture. There are six models of modern bridal band displayed there. Each platinum ring has line details applied along the round band. The unique part here is that each ring has different concept of lining though the design of the ring is quite similar from each other. Another picture shows us a glorious woman ring for bridal. This ring is specifically designed in unique shape. In unconnected round band, a small and clear oval shaped diamond is attached between both unconnected bands.

Modern Wedding Rings Men

The next modern wedding rings are recommended for the groom. This ring shown by the third picture looks modest with a tiny diamond grain installed inside the metallic round band. The band itself doesn’t involve other detail except the diamond. Nonetheless, this bridal ring remains elegance to break the simplicity. The fourth ring picture displays a pair of sterling silver wedding rings. Both rings for man and woman are designed with luxurious floral detail engraved along the round band. On the ring for woman, three tiny diamond grains are embellished diagonally as ornament.

Modern Wedding Rings Sets


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