Modest White Gold Wedding Rings for Hot Couples

White gold is certainly a nice option for your precious wedding ring material. Gold itself is an outstanding material which is known as precious metal type. With specific characteristics including carat level and texture, white gold is commonly selected as basic ring material for everybody including you and your partner for wedding. Here we are going to give you some options of modest white gold wedding rings for hot couple. Although the couple rings only incorporate white gold as main component, the rings are always gorgeous as your eternal love symbol.

White Gold Wedding Rings for Men

The simple model of the modest white gold wedding rings is displayed by the first photo. It is a couple of white gold rings with simple yet luxurious knot pattern engraved along the round band edge. It is true that there is no any ornament stone attached on the round band. Yet, the sparkling touch of the white gold has made the matching rings exclusive and expensive as well.

White Gold Wedding Rings for Women

Hey, don’t even think that the modest white gold band for bridal cannot be so beautiful. Adding a tiny precious stone as ornament is cool to consider. Based on the second picture, a tiny aquamarine stone is studded on the white gold round band as main ornament stone. There is only a lining accent engraved along the round band as complement besides the aquamarine.

White Gold Wedding Rings Pictures

Another couple of matching white gold wedding rings purposely integrates some tiny diamond grains. These diamond grains are specifically studded on both edge of the ring. For better description, everyone can see the third picture attached at this post. Contemporary wedding ring made of white gold is also available as nice option. This time, three diamond grains are arranged and studded vertically as ring ornament. Although the couple rings only appear with this simple detail, everyone must be able to see the elegance of the rings.

White Gold Wedding Rings Sets


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