Outstanding Celebrity Wedding Rings Inspiration for You

Many people around the world must follow the story of Hollywood celebrities from magazine, television, radio, internet and many latest high tech media. Ideally, people become a fan of those Hollywood celebrities. In fact, when someone has been a kind of fan, they would always imitate the celebrity’s life style, taste of fashion and many more. Today’s there are so many popular celebrities around the world. And every of which has different taste to find out and wear his or her ring for wedding. Well, let’s talk about outstanding celebrity wedding rings for women’s ring design inspiration.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Cost

Beyonce is the first Hollywood celebrity who is always captured by paparazzi. This beautiful woman is a wife of Jay Z. The best look of Beyonce besides her wonderful voice is her wedding ring. Yeah, her 16 carat diamond ring becomes the most expensive celebrity wedding rings in the world. The ring design is modest with elegant double band setting and a huge emerald cut diamond as the main ornament stone.

Celebrity Wedding Rings for Women

Tiny diamond grains are combined with the biggest one to decorate the double band part of the ring. The next outstanding wedding band is Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring. This hot and sexy model looks gorgeous with her diamond ring. This bridal ring is completely covered by sparkling diamond cut in emerald shape. Thicker round band gives extra room to stud the diamond pieces over the external ring side. And then a big emerald cut diamond is studded as main embellishment between the smaller diamond pieces.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Photos

Fergie is the next pretty celebrity in Hollywood. She looks very cute with her simple wedding ring. Unlike Beyonce and Kim who love to show off their wealth, Fergie comes calmer and more elegant with a thin round white gold ring embellished with a medium-size round diamond. Although the celebrity wedding rings design is simple, the wearer still looks very beautiful with her husband love displayed over the ring.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Pictures


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