Simple Wedding Ring Ideas for Bride and Groom

Looking for affordable wedding ring seems not too difficult nowadays since simple wedding ring is available in society. Well, it is correct that many people think that wedding is a sacral moment in their life. They then think that what they wear in that sacral moment should be perfect and exclusive. On other hand, the ring must be expensive as well as dress, tuxedo and many things in the bridal moment. In fact, we don’t have to force anything to be exclusive and not affordable at a bridal moment. Just to be yourself and the way you are.

Simple Wedding Ring Designs

Simple wedding ring ideas are available to help you in this condition. This modest band for bridal appears elegantly due to its simplicity. Well, although the design and shape of the ring are simple and not too attractive, this simple bridal ring always can be an eternal love symbol for everybody. Anyway, the simpler ring appears, the cheaper it costs. Thus, we can say that the relation of price and design is balancing.

Simple Wedding Ring Gold

Based on the pictures, simple bridal ring comes in matching style. It means that a couple of rings are purposely designed to match each other. Each ring would be worn by the bride and groom. Ideally, although both rings are matching rings, each ring always has different design from each other. The different design of ring is specifically functional to help the wearers distinguish the ring for woman and man. The first picture displays a pair of sterling silver rings. One of the ring, ring for woman, appears beautifully with an ultra tiny diamond grain as an ornament stone.

Simple Wedding Ring on Finger

The second picture even shows us an extra thin yellow gold simple wedding ring. This ring has ultra thin and smooth surface with no engraved detail along the round band. A small circular frame is created as topping with a sparkling diamond grain attached inside the frame as embellishment.

Simple Wedding Ring Sets


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