Traditional Jewish Wedding Rings and Its Quotes

Talking about traditional bridal band, some people would immediately associate it with vintage or antique ring. In fact, it is not always about those old fashioned ring models. The traditional ring means that the ring originally comes from where it is designed and popular. As like Russian and Irish ring, Jewish wedding rings have typical trait which allows us to distinguish it from other ring models. So, what do you know about this Jews’ ring?

Jewish Wedding Rings for Men

Traditional Jewish wedding rings are specifically available with unique quote engraved along the external round band side. This quote is unique because the meaning of it only can be understood by Jews. Well, however, the engraved quote is truly written in Jews’ language. Therefore, not all people from outside of the Jews area know what the quote really mean. Nevertheless, it will never become a big problem for the wearer since this ring is specifically designed as eternal love symbol for the newlyweds.

Jewish Wedding Rings for Women

The traditional Jewish ring model appears in various looks. Several of which are displayed by some pictures here. The first Jewish ring is made of gold. This stylish ring combines yellow and white gold at the same time to emphasize the luxury of the ring. The engraved quote carved along the band in such a way looks very dark on the bright white gold band surface.

Jewish Wedding Rings Right Hand

Sometimes, if we pay attention on the Jewish wedding rings quote, we will realize that it may be different from one to another. Perhaps, before purchasing it and wear it, finding the meaning of the quote is important for you. Hey, this method is effective particularly when we bought a set of matching rings which have different engraved detail on it. If you are a man, don’t be surprised when you met Jews and they will laugh on you because you are wearing the bride’s ring, and the other way around.

Jewish Wedding Rings Tradition


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