Typical Celtic Wedding Rings the Elegance from Ireland

Do you still remember the Irish Claddagh ring? Yes, it is a ring from Ireland as well as Celtic ring. Generally, both Irish Claddagh and Celtic rings come from similar area. Yet, both rings still have different design. If you still remember the Irish Claddagh ring, it is a ring with heart, crown and grabbing hands shape as the characteristic. This ring is designed to symbolize eternal love of someone to his or her beloved one. The typical characteristic of the Celtic wedding rings is quite different from the Claddagh ring.

Celtic Wedding Rings His and Hers

Celtic wedding rings come with simpler typical trait. It comes with knot detail which is engraved elegantly along the round band. The knot ring itself usually doesn’t involve any stone as the ring embellishment. Basically, everybody can say that the Celtic ring is another version of camo ring that doesn’t need an ornament stone to keep it beautiful. However, with this simple design concept, the Celtic ring for bridal looks perfect for the groom.

Celtic Wedding Rings Men

The bride may wear this elegant Ireland ring by selecting appropriate material to cover the ring. Thus, although the ring doesn’t have any ornament stone, the bride’s ring would be still very beautiful in an exclusive material covering the entire ring part. There are numerous material types which are available in the society including yellow and white gold, titanium, sterling silver, platinum and many more.

Celtic Wedding Rings Sets

Little modification can be incorporated to maximize the death knot engraving along the round band. Everybody can add simple lining on both edge of the knotted ring. Even if you desire, you can ask your ring designer to add a personalized stone to improve the quality of this Ireland wedding ring. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consider how much you have to pay for the Celtic wedding rings. For some inspiration, several pictures are attached at this post.

Celtic Wedding Rings Women


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